Upcoming shows

Private Party, 25.10.2019

Confirmed details will follow, 09.11.2019

Chlouserock Kodiaks, Thun, 07.12.2019, ab 20:00

Private Party, 08.12.2019

Private Party, 13.12.19

Hoheneck Music Bar, Engelberg, 14.12.2019, ab 21:00


Hard Rock Hotel Davos, 07.02.2020, ab 18:30

Chämi Bar, Lenzerheide, 08.02. 2020, ab 20:00

Guggenmusik Menzikus, Mehrzweckhalle Menzingen, 20.02.2020, ab 23:00

Lieblingsplatz, Kriens, 13.03.2020, ab 20.30h

Heaven Music Club, Bichelsee, 21.03.2020, ab 21:00

US Car & Bike Treffen Restaurant Baragge, Sursee, 16.05.2020, ab 11:00

Appezölle Biker-Tröffe, 13.06.2020, ab 16:00

Private Party, 20.06.2020



Past shows..

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Ace Café Rothenburg, Stadtkeller Luzern, Bastard's Place together with Bob Wayne Muotathal, The Pirates Hinwil, L.A. Music Bar Guntershausen, Sport Rock Willisau, Motor's Place Zofingen, Hoheneck Music Bar  Engelberg, Slalom Bar Valbella, Hard Rock Hotel Davos, Supermarket Zürich, Tschuppi's Wonderbar Luzern, Isebähnli Trimbach. Dukes Sihlbrugg and many more...

Open House Harley Davidson Hünenberg, Burnout Car & Bike Event Hinwil, Old Car Meeting Muri, Vintage Club 44 Basel, Frutigä Märit Fruttigen, Open day Vobro Cars, Rock 'n' Roll Sea Cruise Luzern, Summer Sounds Luzern Tourismus, with Billy Harlan on Europe Tour and many more...

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